Tree Care When You Need It

Live Oak Landscapes in Natchez, MS began as "Thompson Tree and Spray" back in 1937. While we have grown from that small seed into the largest landscaping company in our area, we have not forgotten our roots or the services that put us on the map.

Our Tree Services Include:

  • Diagnosis and surveys
  • Consultation and appraisals
  • Pruning and shaping trees
  • Tree transplantation
  • Lightning protection
Contact Live Oaks Landscapes for all of your tree services.
  • Insect and disease control
  • Removal of dead or undesirable trees
  • Storm damage removal and maintenance

When trees get to a certain age, they may need to be trimmed for safety purposes or merely to make them look better. If you do decide to cut down any trees on your property, Live Oak Landscapes can respond quickly to take down the tree and safely grind away the stump.

So, when you need trees to be pruned, limbs to be cut, trees to be felled, or stumps to be ground, give us a call so we can put together an estimate for you today.

We have experience and dedication to provide the best!

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