Turf Services at Live Oak Landscapes

Turf Services

Turfing is the process of preparing the soil to receive seed or sodding, then spreading the seed, laying the sod, or spraying the hydromulch.

For many people, a lawn of grass is the largest part of their landscape. Also grass is frequently used in accent pieces such as small enclaves, medians or along sidewalks.

When a company has done as many landscaping installations as Live Oak, you can be sure that we have a great deal of experience in turfing. We have repaired and replaced residential lawns, installed sod and irrigation on athletic fields, and helped general contractors to seed, sod, and hydromulch large-scale multi-million dollar projects.

Our Live Oak Garden Center also sells grass seed and fresh cut sod by the piece or the pallet. In addition, we have products and services available to feed, water, and bring out the life of any lawn.

We have experience and dedication to provide the best!

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Earnest and Mel installing irrigation at Ferriday High School Football Filed